Local Drainage Projects:

·         Flooded basement - townhouse in Peabody, MA – flooding was caused by roof runoff and poor grading around the structure.  Water ponded along the foundation and seeped into the basement.


·         Flooded basement - house in Weston, MA – flooding was caused by defective buried drainage pipes connected to gutter downspouts.  The buried pipes were plugged from years of neglect which resulted in surface water backing up along the foundation and seeping into the basement.    


·         Flooded floor of business -  office building in Peabody, MA – A camera inspection revealed that the designed drainage system on the outside of the building was plugged with silt from nearby parking lots.  The pipes and catch basins were cleaned by jetting with high pressure water.


·         Constant running sump pump house in Hamilton, MA – the investigation revealed that the perimeter drain pipes were installed into the groundwater which resulted in the sump pumps circulating groundwater all year long. 


·         Flooded basement house in Uxbridge, MA – poor grading around the house and missing gutters resulted in surface water flowing towards the house which flooded the basement. 

·         Flooded basement new construction in Dedham, MA – newly constructed house with water in the basement from melting snow.  Investigation included review of construction plans, inspection of drainage system and a site meeting with Owner and Builder. 

  • Increased Surface Runoff - new construction in Rockport, MA - new construction activity on a neighbors property included doubling the size of the roof and removing the wooded vegetation on the property which lead to increasing the surface runoff.  We assessed the pre and post surface runoff to show the increase in surface water onto the neighbors property by assessing the discharge locations for the surface runoff.

Civil & Geotechnical Engineering Services geotechnical engineering in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, specializing in foundations, drainage and flooded basements

for Residential and Commercial Projects

Drainage Solutions


 has helped many Home Owners by investigating their drainage problems and providing economical solutions. 

Our investigations usually consist of a site visit to observe the drainage problem and a brief consultation with the Home Owner to better understand what they have experienced.  Drainage problems can be caused by; poor grading around the house, increased surface water from a neighbor’s property and/or rising groundwater elevations.
Our services have saved Home Owners money by determining the exact cause of the drainage problem and by recommending an appropriate solution.  Too many Home Owners jump to a quick fix such as installing sump pumps and perimeter drains when the drainage problem can be resolved by making less expensive corrections on the outside of the house. 

Before you spend $5,000 to $10,000 on a typical sump pump basement water proofing system, consult with AAT Engineering to determine the appropriate solution for your actual conditions.

Everyone's water problem's are site specific so why would a typical solution be right for you!!!!

Investigate the problem before you spend money on the wrong solution.

Do you have down spouts that look like this?  Do you know where this pipe drains?  AAT Engineering can Help

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